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Stuart Newman
Project Management Expert

Stu Newman, co-owner of Newman Tech Consulting, LLC and was a University of California and California State University Management instructor for over 20 years. His courses have been part of University Extension Certificate programs, and he has taught and consulted in Project Management, BPI, SPC and Leadership at numerous Fortune 500 clients and the Federal Government. He is a certified facilitator for the Officer Leadership Continuum and a Designated Project Manager for the U.S. Navy.

He has over 35 years of experience in Leadership, Project/Process Management, SPC, Business Process Re-engineering, Management Consulting and Organizational and Systems Development. He’s held responsible positions in both industry and government (attended both U.C. Berkeley and UCLA). These positions have included President, Project Manager, General Partner, Executive Producer, and Commanding Officer (five successive commands). Stu has owned and operated his Consulting firm since 1992 and has been involved with over 100 client engagements.

His formal Project Management/Leadership engagements include:
Deputy Director/Acting Director for Fleet Ordnance Logistics, U.S. Pacific Fleet (recalled for one year of active duty for Global War on Terrorism) overseeing $40 Billion inventory.
• Executive Off./Acting Director- Corona Naval Engineering Laboratory (directed over 1,400 Engineering/Science staff with a $150 million annual operating budget).
• Deputy Commander, Logistics Task Force Pacific (directed a 52 member consulting staff for U.S. Pacific Fleet).
Program Manager at Hughes Aircraft (directed $50 million of commercial/military engineering andproduction programs).
• Commanding Officer for the Long Beach Navy Fleet Training Group (Directed a 50 Instructor training staff in support of Desert Shield/Storm preparations).
• Executive Producer/General Partner for a 35 mm Feature length Movie.

Stu was one of the founding members of U.C.I. Extension’s Competitive Manufacturing Operations Advisory Committee. As a CAPT in the Naval Reserve (mobilized after 9/11) he organized and chaired the first Pacific Fleet Ordnance Safety and Accountability conference and directed the production of an interactive CD-ROM used to train thousands of Ordnance and Logistics personnel. He is an elected member of the Steering committee and B.O.D. for the Parkhill, Presidio and Park Ten (LLC) commercial property LLCs ($40M portfolio).

Among Stu’s Project Management, Process Management and leadership qualifications are his actual experience in running Projects, Programs and Organizations on a profit and loss basis. Present and Past clients include: Computer Sciences Corp., Princess Cruises, Time-Warner Communications, QLOGIC, Boeing, So. California Edison, Texas Instruments, Parker Hannifin, ARCO, UNOCAL, HJ Heinz Co., Thermal Engineering International, Los Angeles DWP, U.S. Navy, Ford Motor Co. and numerous others. Stu has been a Keynote Speaker at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, Project Management Institute, and American Society of Military Comptrollers. A published author, he holds several awards (including three Navy Commendation Medals and three Meritorious Service Medals).

Mark Newman
Analog and Digital Engineer

Mark, co-owner of Newman Tech Consulting, LLC has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego and three Associate degrees. He graduated with distinction, earning the esteemed Provost Honors in designation. During his Engineering internship, he gained extensive experience in PCB design, testing, soldering, product development, and manufacturing, providing a well-rounded understanding of the engineering process, from conception to production.

He was a Analog Electrical Engineer at Parker Hannifin, where he immersed himself in analog and digital actuator design. His many responsibilities extended to EMI, failure investigations, root cause analysis, and customer meetings- playing a pivotal role in engineering lead discussions and presentations. He skillfully managed legacy designs through component obsolescence, diligently analyzing and addressing product issues, authored technical reports for customers, presenting detailed root cause analyses for production line corrections and process control documentation.

He later joined Boeing as a spacecraft avionics engineer at Millennium Space Systems, a Boeing Company working in digital and embedded design, where he became skilled in Altium, EMI, power systems, and legacy rework. This work included analog circuit failure analysis and rework, ensuring that every component was meticulously designed for high-speed digital PCB layout. He gained additional expertise extended in microcontroller design, crafting basic firmware in C, implementing protocols such as SPI, I2C, and EUART, and manufacturing board-level modification and rework supporting the manufacturing team in resolving issues to unfinished products.

More recently he was with Qualcomm as a Digital Hardware Design Engineer, performing high-speed digital design for mobile chipset architecture through PCB design for testing. He designed numerous high-speed test cards becoming fluent in engineering design constraints including DPHY, CPHY, Buck, Boost, USB, and PCIE topologies including debugging these topologies.

He is known as a hands-on as well as skilled design engineer who is proficient in problem solving and critical thinking skills who efficiently addresses a variety of technical challenges. His hobbies include Mixed Martial Arts and Rock Climbing, including having been a college wrestler, HS Captain and League Champion.